Save The Market Entrance

Help save the Hahn Building. Act NOW to support landmarking!

The corner of Pike Street and 1st Avenue serves as the gateway to Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. On the west side of 1st Avenue, buildings are protected by the Pike Place Market Historic District. Just across the street, however, buildings of the same age, historic character, and neighborhood value are often threatened by the wrecking ball unless they are individually landmarked.

Like The Showbox down the same block, the property at 103 Pike Street – the Hahn Building, formerly known as Hotel Elliott and currently home to the Green Tortoise hostel – could be demolished if it is not landmarked. Community advocacy group Save the Market Entrance nominated the building for landmark status in late 2019. Historic Seattle is supporting the grassroots group’s efforts by helping the public navigate the landmarking process.

Thanks to a strong case for nomination and an outpouring of community support, on Wednesday, December 2, the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board voted 6-1 in favor of nominating the Hahn Building for landmark status. The next step is a vote on designation at the Board’s January 20, 2021 meeting.

To support designation, send written comments to City Historic Preservation Officer Sarah Sodt by Friday, January 15, or attend the January 20 meeting and sign up to speak. Members of the public must register online to speak, beginning two hours prior to the 3:30 p.m. meeting and ending at the start of the meeting. The meeting agenda, including WebEx link, will be posted one week prior to the meeting on Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods website.

Include personal stories about the building in your comments! Comments must also relate to one or more of the six criteria:
a) the location of, or association in a significant way with, a historic event with a significant effect upon the community, City, state, or nation;
b) association in a significant way with the life of a person important in the history of the City, state, or nation;
c) association in a significant way with a significant aspect of the cultural, political, or economic heritage of the community, City, state or nation;
d) embodiment of the distinctive visible characteristics of an architectural style, or period, or a method of construction;
e) an outstanding work of a designer or builder;
f) because of prominence of spatial location, contrasts of siting, age, or scale, it is an easily identifiable visual feature of its neighborhood or the city and contributes to the distinctive quality or identity of such neighborhood or the City.

Save the Market Entrance and Historic Seattle support nomination under criteria C and F.


Original photo by Shree Ram Dahal