Garden House Renovation Project

Historic Seattle acquired the Garden House in December 2021 with the intent to save the property from redevelopment, preserve it, and activate it for the Beacon Hill community and broader Seattle community. Planning and permitting for the renovation project is currently in the works. Keep up to date on this page.

Garden House Renovation Project

Project Mission

For decades, the Garden House served as a hub for community activities. As part of its mission to save meaningful places that foster lively communities, Historic Seattle will restore this use and will make the property even more accessible to community.

Existing Conditions

Due to years of deferred maintenance before Historic Seattle acquired the property, the Garden House is in need of substantial investment for our tenant and community users to adequately use and enjoy the property. The electrical and HVAC systems are inadequate. The roof periodically leaks. The first floor restrooms are not ADA-compliant. The first floor kitchen is not adequate and will not support a community-focused use. The first and second floor finishes have experienced extensive wear. The second floor stair railing is a life safety hazard. The windows and exterior woodwork need to be restored and painted. Lastly, improvements need to be made to the site to ensure a safe and welcoming space for community use and enjoyment.

Project Team

The following firms and individuals are key members of our project team:

Architect: Rolluda Architects
Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget
Landscape Architect: Nakano Associates
Arborist: ABC Herron Tree LLC
Electrical Engineer: Tres West
Hazardous Materials Testing: Migizi Group
Cost Estimation: RC Cost Group

Project Summary

Capital improvements at the Garden House will include, pending availability of funds, the following scope of work:

-Abate hazardous materials.
-Replace the roof and restore the windows.
-Replace damaged and deteriorated exterior trim and woodwork.
-Paint the entire exterior of the house.
-Perform voluntary seismic improvements in the basement.
-Perform kitchen upgrades on both first and second floors.
-Upgrade and make ADA-compliant restrooms on the first floor.
-Upgrade restrooms on the second floor.
-Refinish the first floor wood floor.
-Install new finishes in stairwell.
-Install a new code-compliant railing at the top of stairs on the second floor.
-Upgrade finishes on the second floor.
-Upgrade mechanical, electrical, and plumbing to and throughout the building.
-Upgrade the site with a new fence for security, new exterior lighting, electrical, and signage.

Project Bidding Schedule

-Bid Package Distribution: TBD
-Pre-bid walk-through: TBD
-Bid opening: TBD

Bidding Information

Questions about the bidding process? Contact David McClain, Historic Seattle’s Director of Real Estate, at [email protected] or 206.622.6952, ext 228.


-Advertisement for Bids: forthcoming
-Bid Package: forthcoming
-Bid Plans: forthcoming
-Bid Set Addendum: forthcoming

Construction Schedule



This project is partially funded by a Washington State Historical Society Heritage Capital Projects grant.


Photo: The Garden House in 2021 (by Eugenia Woo)