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UW Historic Resources Survey

The City of Seattle issues a Request for Proposals for the preparation of a Historic Resources Survey and Inventory of the University of Washington, Seattle campus

The City of Seattle, in cooperation with the University of Washington, is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to prepare a Historic Resource Survey and Inventory of the University of Washington (UW), Seattle campus (RFP #DON-113015). For more information about the Request for Proposals, go to the City of Seattle’s Consultant Connection website.

The consultant must be a cultural resource professional who meets National Park Service professional qualifications standards (36 CFR Part 61), which define minimum education and experience required to perform the survey work. Other consultant qualifications are included in Section 4 of the RFP.

The Scope of Work includes conducting research and field investigations to compile information for all UW buildings, structures, objects, landscape features, and open spaces constructed prior to 1975. The work will follow the intensive-level survey and inventory effort as defined by the Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation’s (DAHP’s) guidelines, Standards for Cultural Resource Reporting (2015). These guidelines outline the survey standards and how to prepare and submit Historic Property Inventory Forms and survey reports.

Project deliverables, which vary based on each agency (DAHP, UW, City of Seattle), include entering relevant data into DAHP’s WISAARD database, City of Seattle’s Historic Resource Survey database, and Access database for UW database; development of a Historic Context document of the UW-Seattle campus; preparation of a Comprehensive Cultural Resources Report; and compilation of Digital Image Files (Section 5. Scope of Work).

The consultant will work with an Oversight Committee, including City of Seattle and UW staff, to discuss the scope of work, develop meeting schedule, and finalize project milestones. They are encouraged to identify opportunities to involve UW students from closely related fields of study to assist with the survey and inventory effort.

The deadline for submitting questions is December 14, 2015. Proposal submissions are due by January 15, 2016.

Proposals can be mailed or hand delivered:

Fed Ex & Hand Delivery

Department of Neighborhoods
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700
Seattle, Washington 98104

USPS Mailing Address

Karen Gordon, Project Manager
Department of Neighborhoods
Seattle Municipal Tower
P.O. Box 94649
Seattle, Washington 98124-4649


Image: vintage postcard view of the University of Washington campus, ca. 1950s

Your Input is Needed! Complete a Survey About a Building Rehab Contractor Certification Program

Here’s a message from our colleagues at the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP):

Over the past several months, a small working group of preservation trades contractors, educators, and local government representatives, as well as staff from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and DAHP have been meeting to explore the idea of establishing a certification program for historic building rehabilitation contractors.

Using the popular Master Gardener program as a model, the group’s goal is to establish a program whereby contractors can achieve certification to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable and skilled in proper historic building rehab techniques and principles. The program is seen as benefiting certified contractors who can market themselves as having attained skills for appropriate rehab work as well as historic building owners who want/need to employ qualified personnel to work on their rehab projects. (more…)