2017 Honorees

Congratulations to our 2017 Honorees, who were recognized on September 19 at Washington Hall during the 9th Annual Preservation Awards Benefit, which raised more than $54,000 in support of Historic Seattle’s mission.

Southwest Seattle Historical Society
“We Love the Junction” Campaign

Beth Chave Historic Preservation Award for Preserving Neighborhood CharacterSWSHS1

The Beth Chave Historic Preservation Award for Exemplary Stewardship went to the “We Heart the Junction” Task Force of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society and its supporting partners for their advocacy efforts to secure City landmark status for two iconic buildings in the heart of the West Seattle Junction.

Photo: Jean Sherrard



First United Methodist Church/The Sanctuary

Exemplary StewardshipSanctuary 2

The Exemplary Stewardship Award was presented to First United Methodist Church (FUMC) / The Sanctuary and its supporting partners for their coalition-building, steadfast persistence, and vision to preserve this historic urban sanctuary at the corner of Fifth and Marion.

Photo: Daniels Real Estate



Robert Reichert House & Studio

Outstanding Modern PreservationRobert Reichert House exterior 7

The Outstanding Modern Preservation Award went to Adelaide Blair and Darin McAdams and supporting partners for their sensitive renovation of Robert Reichert’s home and studio in Queen Anne.

Photo: Brooke Best


The Publix Hotel

Best Rehabilitation160928_008_Publix Lobby

The Best Rehabilitation Award was presented to Uwajimaya and supporting partners for their exemplary approach to rehabilitating a former working-class hotel and adding a new mixed-use building that beautifully melds old with new.

Photo: Doug Scott


Vanishing Seattle

Community AdvocacyVanishing1

The Community Advocacy Award went to Cynthia Brothers’ Vanishing Seattle for her online chronicle of changes to Seattle’s built and cultural environments, created to inspire people to
get involved and take action.

Photo: Cynthia Brothers


Optimism Brewing

Neighborhood Reinvestment13028_00_N50_high

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Award was presented to Gay Gilmore, Troy Hakala, and supporting partners for rehabilitating this former Capitol Hill auto-row building into a local brewery, taproom, and community hub.

Photo: Aaron Leitz

McMenamins Anderson School

Best Adaptive Reuse_R1A9972

The Best Adaptive Reuse Award went to McMenamins and its supporting partners for their outstanding adaptive reuse of the Anderson School, an important part of the community’s identity and
catalyst for the City of Bothell’s ambitious downtown revitalization plan.

Photo: McMenamins


Building for Culture (4Culture & King County)

Community Investmentadmiral

The Community Investment Award was presented to to Building for Culture architects 4Culture and King County for their vision and commitment to supporting arts, heritage, and preservation capital projects across King County with this momentous investment.

Photo: Eduardo Calderon