Happy Holidays From MAin2!

Modern Gingerbread House, built by some creative Seattle preservationists / Photo: R. Frestedt

Gingerbread House Goes Mod

What better way to get into the spirit of the season than to build a Modern style gingerbread house?!  Like a real mid-century Modern home in an older neighborhood, this one stands out among the traditional designs with gable roofs. Inspired by the Rohrer House in Seattle (recently nominated by the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board and up for landmark designation on January 5, 2011), some local preservationists got their creative heads together and produced a smashing gingerbread house. We bet it was great fun to design and build the house. MAin2 sure digs it so we’re sharing it with you. Just spreading the joy…

Looking forward to 2011! Thanks for following MAin2 in 2010, our inaugural year.

Below is list of “building” materials for the gingerbread house:

  • Structural system and cladding – homemade gingerbread
  • Roof material – crushed Chic-o-stick
  • Windows/front door – melted Butterscotch rounds, vermicelli pasta
  • Chimney – sugar wafers, bubble gum, vermicelli pasta, Pocky sticks

Garden materials:

  • NECCO wafers (paving stones, garden art)
  • Fun dip (pool)
  • Pocky sticks (borders)
  • Nerds (wreath)
  • Sugar wafers (low wall)
  • Rye crisp crackers (benches)
  • Gum drops (throughout)
  • Bubble gum
  • Chocolate mint malt ball (entry light)
  • Various gummy candies
  • Sesame candy wafers