One Last Call to Action: Heritage Capital Projects Fund

We know we have asked a lot. But this is it – ONE LAST CALL TO ACTION!! 

The recently released State Senate budget only funded the Heritage Capital Projects Fund (HCPF) at $1.1 million. This amount would fund only nine projects and the other twenty, including Historic Seattle’s Washington Hall,  were not funded. We last provided a MAin2 update on this roller coaster of a process on April 6 reporting that the House provided $10 million in its capital budget for HCPF. Well, there’s a big difference between $1.1 and $10 million. Here’s what we need the Historic Seattle supporters and constituents to do as soon as possible:


“Thank you very much for the $10 million full funding of the Heritage Capital Projects Fund (HCPF) in the House budget. As you know, the Senate budget only funded $1.1 million.  I am writing to ask you to please retain the full funding in the House budget and ask your Senate counterpart to support the HCPF.”


“Thank you for partially funding the Heritage Capital Projects Fund. Please fund the HCPF at the same level as the House – the full $10 million.  Would you contact Senator Kilmer with the message that this is a high priority for your district?”


  • Subject Line:  Your Constituent Supports Heritage Capital Projects Fun
  • Keep your message short.
  • Personalize your message. They will likely NOT read mass emails that all look the same.
  • Calls are not encouraged. Staff are getting swamped and can’t respond and have asked us to please email!


Find out how to contact your state legislators here.

Once again, thank you for helping projects from across the state receive critical funding to complete heritage capital projects!

Here’s the list of the 29 capital projects:

1) Schooner Martha (2) Duwamish Riverbend  (3) Port of Chinook Auditorium (4) Bellingham Museum (5) La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum (6) Vancouver Historic Reserve (7) Blue Mountain Heritage Society historic school (8) Tacoma’s Fort Nisqually granary (9) Si View Community Center (10) Port Townsend Carnegie library (11) San Juan County Parks Brann cabin (12) Seattle’s Moore Theatre (13) Jefferson County Courthouse (14) Schooner Adventuress (15) Museum of History and Industry (16) King Street Station (17) Washington Hall (18) Wilkeson Town Hall (19) Lady Washington (20) Maryhill Museum (21) Clymer Museum of Art (22) Phinney Neighborhood Association (23) Foss Waterway Seaport (24) Polson Museum (25) Broadway Center for Performing Arts (26) Northwest Railway Museum (27) The Center for Wooden Boats (28) Seattle Art Museum (29) Des Moines Covenant Beach