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23rd Ave Houses

812-828 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, United States
Date Built:
Original Architect /
Original Owners:
Carpenter Gothic with of stick-style balloon frame construction, all with "pullman" floor plans.

Historic Seattle’s Role:

Originally built as low-income Victorian era speculative housing, four of the houses were slated for demolition. Historic Seattle purchased three of the residences and obtained a preservation easement on the fourth. The exterior was restored and the interior was completely renovated. Although this type of housing was once common in Seattle, remodeling and demolition in the high density Central Area has made rows of wood-frame Victorian era houses a unique example of Seattle’s earlier streetscape.

The houses, with protective easements, were re-sold to private individuals and designated as a Seattle Landmark in 1979 as the Twenty-third Avenue Houses Group.

Current and Future Uses:

The houses continue to be individually owned and occupied as single-family residences. Protective easements held by Historic Seattle ensure the exteriors of these houses will remain intact and original to their turn-of-the-century construction.


Photo: Historic Seattle, ca. 1979

Ongoing Stewardship and Easements