Preservation and Elections

Since 1999, Historic Seattle has conducted candidates surveys for local elections in major election years. The survey addresses local historic preservation issues, challenges, and opportunities. The survey’s intent is to gauge candidates’ knowledge of and sensitivity to preservation issues.

Preservation of the built environment is a key quality-of-life issue. It is a primary component of sustainable development and serves as a valuable planning tool that helps build strong, livable communities.

Many voters, especially Historic Seattle members, seek to understand the positions of political leaders who will be responsible for protecting our historic places and thoughtfully balancing the preservation of Seattle’s unique character with other public goals.

2015 General Election Candidates Survey

The 2015 General Election is November 3rd. Historic Seattle is conducting a survey of candidates running for Seattle City Council. Responses to each question were limited to 200 words or less. We are posting responses as we receive them and will continue to do so through Election Day.

The candidates were asked the following three questions:

  • What’s your favorite historic place in Seattle and why do you think it’s important?
  • How can Seattle accommodate the growing numbers of residents and increase in density while keeping neighborhood character?
  • Do you believe historic buildings and places help create a more sustainable, affordable and livable city? If so, how?

To find your district, enter your address on the King County Elections’ interactive map. Then follow the links below to view responses from candidates in your district, and for the two at-large positions, 8 and 9. Learn more about the districts and view district maps on the Seattle City Council Districts website.

District 1 – Southwest – Shannon Braddock and Lisa Herbold

District 2 – Southeast – Bruce Harrell and Tammy Morales

District 3 – East Central – Pamela Banks and Kshama Sawant

District 4 – Lake Union to Sand Point – Rob Johnson and Michael Maddux

District 5 – North – Sandy Brown and Debora Juarez

District 6 – Green Lake to Golden Gardens – Mike O’Brien and Catherine Weatbrook

District 7 – Downtown to Discovery Park – Sally Bagshaw and Deborah Zech Artis

District 8 – At large – Tim Burgess and Jon Grant

District 9 – At large – Bill Bradburd and Lorena González