Doing Business with Historic Seattle

Historic Seattle maintains properties within its portfolio and engages in development projects throughout Seattle. In accordance with current and applicable sections of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 39, Public Contracts and Indebtedness, Historic Seattle often relies upon the services provided by contractors, consultants, and vendors. Transparent Project Roster, Request for Qualification, and Request for Proposal processes are utilized to obtain professional assistance.

Project Roster

Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) maintains a Project Roster, per RCW Title 39, Public Contracts and Indebtedness, to assist in the selection of contractors, design-builders, vendors, and consultants for all work under $350,000 in estimated value, defined by the State of Washington as Limited Public Works Projects.

All firms who potentially or currently work with Historic Seattle PDA must complete and submit a Project Roster Application. Historic Seattle PDA selects approved firms to participate in the proposal / bidding process on a per project basis.

The Project Roster is organized by trade and is continuously open to applicants. Once per year, Historic Seattle PDA publicly advertises for applicants to the Project Roster.

Project Roster Application Process

For Contractors:
Applicant Profile, Service Category, and Job History (fillable PDF)
For Consultants:
Applicant Profile, Service Category, and Job History (fillable PDF)

The Applicant Profile section of the form includes business address, mailing address, contact information, business classification and license information. The Service Category section includes a variety of trades or consultant specialties from which the applicant must chose at least one that best fits the nature of the work most commonly performed. The Job History section requires the applicant to provide all pertinent information including, but not limited to, project name, owner’s contact information and nature of work performed for three of the most recent and relevant projects.

It is Historic Seattle’s intent to place firms on our Project Roster with past project experience and expertise within a historic structure setting. Once approved, firms may at any time update their roster listing.

To Apply

Historic Seattle PDA encourages all contractors, design-builders, vendors and consultants to download and complete the Project Roster application forms. Please return completed forms via e-mail to Asset and Property Manager David McClain.