2015 Election and Preservation

The 2015 General Election is November 3rd. All nine Seattle City Council seats are up for election. This election marks a significant change in how we vote for City Councilmembers due to the new district-based system approved by Seattle voters in 2013, creating seven new districts within the city and two at-large positions (8 and 9). You’ll be casting your vote for your district candidate and the two at-large Councilmembers.

As we’ve done in previous years, Historic Seattle conducted a survey for all candidates running for City Council seats in the upcoming General Election. The survey addresses local historic preservation issues, challenges, and opportunities, and gauges candidates’ knowledge of and sensitivity to these issues. You can view the submitted responses on our website.

The candidates were asked the following three questions:

  • What’s your favorite historic place in Seattle and why do you think it’s important?
  • How can Seattle accommodate the growing numbers of residents and increase in density while keeping neighborhood character?
  • Do you believe historic buildings and places help create a more sustainable, affordable and livable city? If so, how?

If you don’t see a response from candidates in your district or at-large positions, we urge you to contact them directly and ask them to respond to our questionnaire. We are posting responses right up to Election Day. To find your voting district, enter your address on the King County Elections’ interactive map.

Let the candidates know that historic preservation is a key quality-of-life issue and a valuable tool for building strong, livable communities!