For Sale: Moran School Administration Building on Bainbridge Island

Contemporary view of the Moran School / Photo: Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is seeking developers with historic property experience interested in purchasing the former Moran School Administration Building for redevelopment, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse.

Located in the Rolling Bay community on the east side of Bainbridge Island nestled between Puget Sound, a beautiful residential neighborhood and the Messenger House Care Center

  • Built in 1922 as a private boys’ school.
  • Building originally contained dormitories, a library, science labs and a 200 plus seat theater.
  • 1938-1951: the school served as the Puget Sound Naval Academy.
  • Presently owned by Soundcare, Inc., the adjacent Messenger House  offers specialized services for individual care.
  • Aside from serving as a set for the 2002 film Farewell To Harry, the Administration Building has been used only for storage since the establishment of Messenger House in the 1960s.

Condition of Sale

Purchaser will be required to nominate the building to the Bainbridge Island Register of Historic Places and will be expected to enter into a preservation easement for protection of the building’s character-defining features.

2010 Tax Assessor Value


Current Condition

Some temporarily stabilization

Prominent neoclassical design features intact

Historic interior finishes intact, including the Theater

A comprehensive structural assessment will be necessary


This unique structure is located on the portion of Bainbridge Island known as Skiff Point, not far from the Rolling Bay community. The surrounding community features a post office, Bainbridge’s iconic Bay Hay & Feed nursery & a coffeehouse.


  • Approximately 0.62 acres or 27,000ft2
  • Four-story building, approximately 14,000ft2
  • Zoned R2: educational, governmental, religious, health care or group care facilities
  • Rehabilitation would be subject to existing zoning and code requirements

Historic Status

  • Eligible for listing in the Bainbridge Island Register of Historic Places
  • Eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places

Financial Incentives

  • Eligible for the federal Historic Investment Tax Credit program.
  • Eligible to participate in the state Special Tax Valuation Program

Submittal Requirements

Interested parties should submit a cover letter along with qualifications demonstrating adaptive reuse and historic rehabilitation experience on comparable facilities to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation (not to exceed 5 pages total – one hard copy along with an electronic copy in pdf format is required).  Submittals will be accepted until 5:00 PM September 15. As sole owner of the property, Soundcare, Inc. retains the right to communicate with interested parties, either directly or through an appointed representative, regarding purchase and sale agreements, contingencies, and all other transaction considerations.

A site visit allowing access to the grounds and the building interior will be scheduled on an as needed basis with interested parties.


Please direct all questions and submittals to:

Chris Moore, Field Director of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation –       206.624.9449 (office)         206.930.5067 (cell)