2013 Primary Election Candidates Survey on Historic Preservation


Preservation of our heritage and built environment is a key quality-of-life issue. It is a primary component of sustainable development and serves as a valuable planning tool that helps build strong, livable communities.

Many voters, especially Historic Seattle members, are seeking to understand the positions of political leaders who will be responsible for protecting our historic places and thoughtfully balancing the preservation of Seattle’s unique character with other public goals.

Since 1999, Historic Seattle has conducted candidates surveys for the primary and general elections in major election years. The 2013 Primary Election is August 6. Historic Seattle is conducting a candidates survey of those running for Mayor and City Council in the City of Seattle. We are posting responses as we receive them and will continue to do so through August 5, 2013.

View our website’s Preservation and Elections page to see what the candidates have to say about historic preservation.

Note: Historic Seattle does not endorse candidates.