Landmarks Capital Funding

Loberg crew ICS project completed.JPG ICS Roof Repair Project Co4Culture’s annual Landmarks Capital program is open. Now through Wednesday, May 13th, private property owners, businesses, organizations and local governments who own or manage designated landmarks in King County can apply to this program for design, materials, and labor for rehabilitation projects. That means if you own, or hold a long-term lease on a property that has been designated a landmark, you can apply to repair the roof, foundation, windows & doors, siding, drainage, plumbing, heating system, etc.

Learn more about this important grant program through 4Culture’s website. Attend one of the upcoming workshops.

City Location Dates Time
Seattle 4Culture Offices April 8, 29
May 6
Auburn KCLS Auburn Library March 25 noon-1pm
Snoqualmie KCLS Snoqualmie Library April 1 1pm-2pm
Redmond KCLS Redmond Library April 22 noon-1pm

Pike Place Market sign restoration © 2013, courtesy of the Pike Place Market PDA;
Completed roof restoration project, Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Ballard, Seattle © 2014