MAin2 Takes a Two-Week Summer Break

Seattle-area nuns on vacation, Grayland, 1960 / Photo: MOHAI

MAin2 will not be posting new content for two weeks. Time for a summer vacation! Check back with us in early September. In the meantime, enjoy this fun photo from 1960. MOHAI describes the photo this way, “A group of nuns from the Order of Saint Benedict enjoyed their summer vacation at the beach in Grayland. Here Sisters Ruth (left) and Agnes play in the surf; partly hidden is Sister Rita. After a weeklong break they returned ‘refreshed and strengthened’ to their routine duties of teaching school in the Seattle and Tacoma area.” This photo is part of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection at MOHAI. One can spend lots of time lost in the digital photo archives of MOHAI. Great resource.

Unrelated but newsworthy, check out this nice piece on the value of bungalows in Seattle by Knute Berger in Crosscut.