2010 Heritage Turkey Awards Announced

General Administration Building, Olympia / Photo: DAHP

Knute Berger’s picks for Heritage Turkeys of 2010 were announced in his Crosscut article yesterday. This is the second year he’s given out turkeys and MAin2 eagerly awaited the list. A big “winner” is the “Proposed Budget by Governor Chris Gregoire” for a multi-pronged approach that is damaging to heritage and preservation, which 1) strips the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation of its department status by moving it into the Department of Natural Resources; 2) cuts $10 million in heritage capital grant funding for 29 worthy projects; and 3) allocates over $6 million to demolish the 1956 General Administration Building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, there’s no money budgeted for the replacement building–the Executive Office Plaza/Heritage Building. How sustainable is it to tear down a solid building that is occupied and leave a big hole in the ground on the Capitol Campus?

Among other winners are the Seattle Times, University of Washington Tacoma, City of Tukwila and the Boeing Company, and Washington Department of Natural Resources. Read all about why these entities and others deserve turkeys. And keep your eyes out for 2011 turkeys!