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Belmont/Boylston Houses

1411 Boylston Avenue, Seattle, WA, United States
Date Built:
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Original Owners:
The Belmont-Boylston Houses represent the Free Classic Queen Anne style and are characterized by form and massing, cladding materials, and classical columns as porch supports and cornice-line dentils—features of the transitional period between the Queen Anne style and Colonial Revival style.

Historic Seattle’s Role:

The Belmont/Boylston (“Bel-Boy”) project includes six turn-of-the-century (1893-1903) houses–three were built as double houses designed to appear as single-family homes. Historic Seattle acquired the properties in 1989. After six months of renovation, 17 one-bedroom, studio, and single-family low-income apartments were created. The Bel-Boy project received numerous awards for its successful combining of historic preservation and low-income housing, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award in 1992.

Current and Future Uses:

Five of the six buildings were sold in 2008. 1411 Boylston Avenue was retained by Historic Seattle and continues to be operated as a 17-unit, single room occupancy, low-income apartment building.

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