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Ward House

520 E Denny Way, Seattle, WA, United States
Date Built:
Original Architect /
Original Owners:
George Ward
The Ward House is noted for its handsome Italian villa style tower, square bay windows, decorative window crowns, and eave brackets.

Historic Seattle’s Role:

The 1882 house, built for building contractor George Ward, is one of Seattle’s oldest extant buildings. Originally situated at 1025 Pike Street and then rotated so that the front faced Boren Avenue (1427 Boren Avenue), the deteriorated building was slated for demolition. In 1986, Historic Seattle facilitated the relocation of the house to its present site (520 E. Denny Way) and its conversion into professional offices. Historic Seattle holds a preservation easement on the property.

The Ward House was designated a Seattle Landmark in 1976 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Current and Future Uses:

The property is privately owned and continues to function as professional offices. Historic Seattle maintains the easement.


Photo: Jennifer Tucker

Ongoing Stewardship and Easements